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09/10/15 11:33pm
Yas this layout <3
09/10/15 10:52pm
09/10/15 10:36pm
cup final being streamed lads show support http://www.twitch.tv/weefreemen
09/10/15 10:11pm
Graphics card nVidia 8800 GT rofl the days
09/10/15 9:56pm
09/10/15 9:51pm
09/10/15 9:45pm
yes bh0ys oldskool sgl layout about time
09/10/15 9:39pm
Try using another provider use hotmail if they're not using it worked for me
09/10/15 7:44pm
2 of my team tried to register but they are not getting verification email

Get up and GO #01 Sign Up Now!

The Get up and Go one night cup series returns for the first time in two years. So pick up your AK's, load up your M4's its time to play some Counterstrike.

Looking old but feeling New

The old colour scheme is back, I hope you all feel at home. Here is a general update on what has been happening and what is coming soon...

theSGL CSGO Ladder

theSGL Ladder is back, we are proud to announce our first competition sign ups are now open in form of a ladder, read on for how to sign up....

theSGL Update

One week on and it must seem we haven’t been doing a lot since the announcement of theSGL returning. That hasn't been the case....

New Beginnings

It has been quiet on theSGL of late, it’s been around two years since the last SGL game it has been a time of peace where clan vs clan called a truce and no shots were fired.

In a perfect there would only be one version of CS - which would yours be?

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