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31/07/15 12:54pm
pm'd you!
31/07/15 12:44pm
I'm keen dekky.. #tubbehgoesCPL
30/07/15 5:38pm
12/07/15 7:46pm
guyz... anyone seriously wanna make a uk team ? all these europeans smashing tournaments while were just left casting them D:
12/07/15 12:55am
0mg SGL is back.
10/07/15 4:05pm
HAI.. look how active we're making this shoutbox!
10/07/15 3:38pm
10/07/15 12:49pm
http://www.ongamers.com/articles/uk-cs-go-where-has-it-gone-richard-lewis-brandon-w/1100-2008/ - anyone wanna combat this and become the best clan in the UK? haha!
09/07/15 1:49pm
Once again fants football is back, here's the code for anyone interested: Code to join this league: 1141-2750

Zowie giveway #1

Grab a ticket now and you could be in with a chance to win a fabulous Zowie CM. Free to enter, just claim your ticket here!

30% Off Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3

From 1st - 6th March you can pick up Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 with a massive 30% off from the Origin store.

New site ? Well - kind of!

So you can see the colour has changed, big deal! Let's see about some of the changes, fixes and additions...

Server Armageddon

Ok, someone turned the lights out, what happened to theSGL ?

theSGL CS:GO Season #1 Playoffs

theSGL CSGO Season One playoffs are upon us, full details are inside. Lets finish the season in style and have all the games played.

theSGL CS:GO Season #1 Update

We move into the business end of the season where there is so much to play for. Full details of tonights casted games and play off details inside.

Last chance to get server at current prices

We all know the early bird catches the worm, and once again it's those that turn up late that will counting the cost...

theSGL CS:GO Season #1 Week #2

Tonight see's the second week of the CS:GO Season #1. Definitive eSports will be back casting three games. All information inside

theSGL CS:GO Season #1 Week #1

It begins tonight see's theSGL CS:GO Season 1 kick off with a host of cracking matches. Definitive e-Sports will be doing a full cast of three matches tonight make sure to check them out!

theSGL Season 1 Divisions Released!!!

Tonight at 8pm (UK Time) we will be releasing the full divisions and fixtures for theSGL's opening season for CSGO. We have also released sign ups for a Night cup tonight!!!

theSGL Season 1 Sign Up Now!!

Season One is officially here, full details on how to sign up and the format of the league are inside. Including all the accepted teams so far.

Get up and GO #8 & #9 Sign Up Now!

This Thursday and Sunday sees the get up and go one night cup series return. As usual there are 16 spaces open full map listing and sign up details are inside!!
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ZOWIE Giveaway #1
Win a ZOWIE P CM Blue
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