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06/10/15 6:58pm
http://www.thesgl.com/csgo/forums/topic/542456/ more comments on Map Pool please :)
06/10/15 6:57pm
Nope next week still sorting rules, configs, servers etc
06/10/15 6:31pm
Is there a cup tonight blizzy
06/10/15 5:46pm
feels like 2011 again
06/10/15 4:57pm
^^- hey
06/10/15 2:55pm
I wish this shoutbox had a like feature because id like that comment eCriS
06/10/15 2:53pm
look at all the oldies crawling back to the lime light
06/10/15 2:35pm
How do i change my username? Not logged in for 8 years

theSGL CSGO Ladder

theSGL Ladder is back, we are proud to announce our first competition sign ups are now open in form of a ladder, read on for how to sign up....

theSGL Update

One week on and it must seem we haven’t been doing a lot since the announcement of theSGL returning. That hasn't been the case....

New Beginnings

It has been quiet on theSGL of late, it’s been around two years since the last SGL game it has been a time of peace where clan vs clan called a truce and no shots were fired.
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