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13/02/16 3:09pm
ah iv'e made a few posts on that group.
12/02/16 4:48pm
Do people still look for scheduled ladder play? I've an idea but I need to validate it within the community - any help would be much appreciated.
09/02/16 6:09pm
btw guys. we basically made our own weekly league. every weekend. jgl-uk.com - you can find us in the CSGO UK group on facebook :)
02/02/16 4:28pm
02/02/16 1:42pm
i have just added you mate
02/02/16 1:10pm
Legend, there's so many UK teams out there. People host tournaments, but leagues are more ideal as they can be arranged for whenever suits both teams. I'll add you on Steam friends later, willing to help and chip in if needs be.
02/02/16 6:25am
I may have a solutionto clans looking to comp league. If it isnt happening here it will some other place :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Airies69ER
01/02/16 5:23pm
can i help?
ZOWIE GEAR European Challenge
Counterstrike 1.6
5v5 Counter-Strike League
theSGL EC Group East Official - Win to Team 2
6 VS 16
Match details
Date 7th June 2011
Time 8:00pm (GMT)
Server IP Unknown
In-game TV Unknown
Shoutcast Unknown
VOD Cast Unknown


#1 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 29/05/11 2:04pm
Guys, i will talk to my team and then i will contact you via IRC or here to decide when to play this.
#2 | sk giotive | Posted on 29/05/11 5:17pm
Hi, just write here when you can play. :)
#3 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 01/06/11 10:19am
Can you guys play tomorrow 2nd of June 20:00 CET ?!
#4 | sk giotive | Posted on 02/06/11 12:30am
We cant play today, one of us is in work. What about 6th or 7th June?
#5 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 02/06/11 9:21am
Let me talk to my guys and get back to you. If we are to play then, we need to play after 22:00 CET cuz one of us works till then.
#6 | sk unoL | Posted on 02/06/11 12:01pm
playing about 22,00 - 22,30 CET is perfect for us !
#7 | sgl Blizzard | Posted on 03/06/11 1:23pm
Which date lads?
#8 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 04/06/11 3:50pm
Can you guys play on 7th of June at 22:30 CET ?!
#9 | sk benq1 | Posted on 05/06/11 12:30pm
yes sure:) its fine
#10 | sk unoL | Posted on 05/06/11 12:30pm
okay so 7th June @ 22:30 !
#11 | uk smc | Posted on 06/06/11 9:59pm
Confirmed :)
#12 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 07/06/11 12:23pm
I'm sorry guys but we can't play today. One of us has some serios problems and he can't make it.
#13 | sk benq1 | Posted on 07/06/11 2:20pm
ok what we can do.. then write here, when you can play;)
#14 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 08/06/11 2:14pm
9 June at 22:30 CET ?!
#15 | sk giotive | Posted on 08/06/11 7:44pm
9 June, 22:30 CET is ok for us :)
#16 | uk smc | Posted on 08/06/11 8:22pm
confirmed guys. gl hf :)
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