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01/12/16 2:29pm
GUIS, anyone looking for players in the uk? wheres the scene? need a line up someone take me
30/11/16 7:00pm
miss stu&adr
30/11/16 6:59pm
21/11/16 2:08pm
Anyone here play Day of Infamy? I want some fwends to play with!
11/11/16 11:05pm
All the best!
06/11/16 4:33pm
im team captain of surrey in the county cup (http://ukcsgo.com) and theres a facebook group with like 3k ppl in it which is basically how everyone interacts
06/11/16 4:32pm
the UK scene is at http://www.thegoose.house/ on our TS: thegoose.house (thats the IP). we play csgo/h1z1/league on the regs.
24/10/16 11:16pm
21/10/16 10:24pm
sup fuckers, anybody still using jesus?
ZOWIE GEAR European Challenge
Counterstrike 1.6
5v5 Counter-Strike League
theSGL EC Group East Official - Win to Team 2
6 VS 16
Match details
Date 7th June 2011
Time 8:00pm (GMT)
Server IP Unknown
In-game TV Unknown
Shoutcast Unknown
VOD Cast Unknown


#1 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 29/05/11 2:04pm
Guys, i will talk to my team and then i will contact you via IRC or here to decide when to play this.
#2 | sk giotive | Posted on 29/05/11 5:17pm
Hi, just write here when you can play. :)
#3 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 01/06/11 10:19am
Can you guys play tomorrow 2nd of June 20:00 CET ?!
#4 | sk giotive | Posted on 02/06/11 12:30am
We cant play today, one of us is in work. What about 6th or 7th June?
#5 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 02/06/11 9:21am
Let me talk to my guys and get back to you. If we are to play then, we need to play after 22:00 CET cuz one of us works till then.
#6 | sk unoL | Posted on 02/06/11 12:01pm
playing about 22,00 - 22,30 CET is perfect for us !
#7 | sgl Blizzard | Posted on 03/06/11 1:23pm
Which date lads?
#8 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 04/06/11 3:50pm
Can you guys play on 7th of June at 22:30 CET ?!
#9 | sk benq1 | Posted on 05/06/11 12:30pm
yes sure:) its fine
#10 | sk unoL | Posted on 05/06/11 12:30pm
okay so 7th June @ 22:30 !
#11 | uk smc | Posted on 06/06/11 9:59pm
Confirmed :)
#12 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 07/06/11 12:23pm
I'm sorry guys but we can't play today. One of us has some serios problems and he can't make it.
#13 | sk benq1 | Posted on 07/06/11 2:20pm
ok what we can do.. then write here, when you can play;)
#14 | ro tALAZIzD | Posted on 08/06/11 2:14pm
9 June at 22:30 CET ?!
#15 | sk giotive | Posted on 08/06/11 7:44pm
9 June, 22:30 CET is ok for us :)
#16 | uk smc | Posted on 08/06/11 8:22pm
confirmed guys. gl hf :)
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