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02/02/16 4:28pm
02/02/16 1:42pm
i have just added you mate
02/02/16 1:10pm
Legend, there's so many UK teams out there. People host tournaments, but leagues are more ideal as they can be arranged for whenever suits both teams. I'll add you on Steam friends later, willing to help and chip in if needs be.
02/02/16 6:25am
I may have a solutionto clans looking to comp league. If it isnt happening here it will some other place :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Airies69ER
01/02/16 5:23pm
can i help?
01/02/16 4:15pm
Willing to help out, and have others back in the day that would too. Airies/tubbeh PM me profile and let's start talking?
01/02/16 2:55pm
Airies, I'm willing looking to help and also part of a team who would love to take part. PM me your Steam page and I'll add you as a friend!
31/01/16 5:42am
I am looking to revive a csgo league of upto 20 clans. I used this site many years ago before it died. I know I can revive this with the help of a few. Such a shame to see it die. Can anybody help? sgl@69er-clan.co.uk Thanks
28/01/16 2:48pm
just gone on a losing streak of 3 and now im not even in the europa league spots...
theSGL Season 14
Counterstrike 1.6
5v5 Counter-Strike League
theSGL Invite Official - Win to Team 2
7 VS 16
Match details
Date 5th June 2011
Time 9:00pm (GMT)
Server IP Own Servers Must Use SGLAC
In-game TV Unknown
Shoutcast Unknown
VOD Cast Unknown


#1 | de ets | Posted on 31/05/11 2:37pm
@h try hards.
#2 | de ets | Posted on 05/06/11 5:15pm
Lo dOgLeY, if u lose more than 5 rounds u are fucking shite.
#3 | de ets | Posted on 05/06/11 6:16pm
cu at 9.
#4 | lt fAmousplaYa | Posted on 05/06/11 9:06pm
#5 | be g1oOo | Posted on 05/06/11 9:09pm
Lucky i aint playing
#6 | de ets | Posted on 05/06/11 9:55pm
mighty 16-7 living fire.

#7 | sx Kalleh | Posted on 05/06/11 9:55pm
Love Anticheat
#8 | de ets | Posted on 05/06/11 9:56pm
love putting b1rds in dumpsters, Lo anti-cheat.
#9 | fr Blqck | Posted on 05/06/11 11:26pm

gg anyhow
#10 | uk dUdLeY:D:D | Posted on 06/06/11 2:17pm

anti cheat aint got nothing to do with it,

gg anyway nerds
#11 | en Exile | Posted on 06/06/11 2:58pm
oh dear dudley....u actually bringing up previous match results?
#12 | de ets | Posted on 06/06/11 3:34pm
LOL, well done you won in a pcw/mix, mad?
#13 | de ets | Posted on 06/06/11 3:35pm
gg anyway nerds

we've got about 40 steam hours between all 5 of us, you've got about 90 just on your own, you are dog. cheers
#14 | uk spinjnr | Posted on 06/06/11 3:41pm
gg lads wp x
#15 | uk dUdLeY:D:D | Posted on 06/06/11 4:22pm
ok thats why im on 28.4 hours is it?

ur a joke ste
#16 | no jonL | Posted on 06/06/11 4:50pm
Geeks getting battered on anticheat where their 15 year old spastic players can't use private cheats, get dumpstered less please
#17 | de ets | Posted on 06/06/11 4:57pm
so mad
#18 | sx ipoh_ | Posted on 06/06/11 5:19pm
#19 | uk sow1e | Posted on 07/06/11 9:29am
#20 | sx Kalleh | Posted on 07/06/11 11:49am
#21 | ee Franceschi | Posted on 07/06/11 8:29pm
Yeah get dumpstered less... fucking dribble
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