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08/10/15 10:31pm
dek; our team is set to fkin Belgian mate; how can I change it
08/10/15 10:28pm
I have mate
08/10/15 10:13pm
dek - post it on the uk cs facebook groups :)
08/10/15 10:03pm
Reggie- - wasn't for me was for erfquake - will get him to post it as soon as hes off of holiday :)
08/10/15 9:05pm
If someone could post the sign ups for get up and go 01 on reddit that would be appreciated :)
08/10/15 8:55pm
gd to see the SGL back
08/10/15 8:40pm
next week I would of registered 10 years ago ;o
08/10/15 8:39pm
theSGL Season 14
Counterstrike 1.6
5v5 Counter-Strike League
theSGL Championship Official - Win to Team 1
16 VS 4
Match details
Date 5th June 2011
Time 8:00pm (GMT)
Server IP Own Servers Must Use SGLAC
In-game TV Unknown
Shoutcast Unknown
VOD Cast Unknown


#1 | uk Wilkeh. | Posted on 05/06/11 7:37pm
Hey lads, all ok for 8 yeah? Your server or ours? 8(|)
#2 | us emzill | Posted on 05/06/11 7:54pm
connect ;password match

#3 | us emzill | Posted on 05/06/11 8:37pm
16-4 to MqM gg :x
#4 | lv CINDER | Posted on 05/06/11 8:40pm
gg lads. wilkeh isnt happy. 8(|)
#5 | uk Wilkeh. | Posted on 05/06/11 8:51pm
Haha, I'm fine mate. Just had a hell of a bad game!!! 8)
#6 | br SkullsY | Posted on 05/06/11 9:32pm
gg guys, cheers for being good sports
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