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01/12/16 2:29pm
GUIS, anyone looking for players in the uk? wheres the scene? need a line up someone take me
30/11/16 7:00pm
miss stu&adr
30/11/16 6:59pm
21/11/16 2:08pm
Anyone here play Day of Infamy? I want some fwends to play with!
11/11/16 11:05pm
All the best!
06/11/16 4:33pm
im team captain of surrey in the county cup (http://ukcsgo.com) and theres a facebook group with like 3k ppl in it which is basically how everyone interacts
06/11/16 4:32pm
the UK scene is at http://www.thegoose.house/ on our TS: thegoose.house (thats the IP). we play csgo/h1z1/league on the regs.
24/10/16 11:16pm
21/10/16 10:24pm
sup fuckers, anybody still using jesus?
theSGL Season 16
Counterstrike 1.6
5v5 Counter-Strike League
theSGL Championship Official - Win to Team 2
11 VS 16
Match details
Date 15th April 2012
Time 8:00pm (GMT)
Server IP Unknown
In-game TV Unknown
Shoutcast Unknown
VOD Cast Unknown


#1 | uk wusKy | Posted on 10/04/12 11:48am
Alright lads. Wondering if you could play this game on Thursday this week? Due to from Sunday at 4 I am gonna be going working away and we struggle to ever have a lineup at mo due to some been away... So playing Thursday would be ideal or like 2 on Sunday? Or any other day this week any good for you? PLease let me.know ASAP
#2 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 10/04/12 2:03pm
let me talk with my teammates.
#3 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 10/04/12 7:46pm
sorry guys we cant play this thursday.
but a u sure u guys cant play this sunday?
#4 | uk wusKy | Posted on 10/04/12 8:08pm
yea i can play sunday but if its before 3pm. due to having to set off at 4:30 to london.. is that abit early tho? if no good, then mayb follownn sunday same time :/? but least its abit more notice for u .. let me know
#5 | uk wusKy | Posted on 10/04/12 8:09pm
or can you do tmoorrow? (wednesday) ? any time?
#6 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 11/04/12 1:36pm
sorry we cant play this week, only sunday, cuz our last guy is on vacation and will be back earlie sunday.
But we can play next sunday if its possible for u guys.
#7 | en Exile | Posted on 11/04/12 2:20pm
please destroy these shit cunts gaz. Bakki is actually starting to think his team is good. just beat them 16-0 so i can continue the trolling of them folding and making new teams to reset their scores.
#8 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 11/04/12 2:52pm
still no job exile? and let me guess no family 2? sad life 4real.
#9 | uk wusKy | Posted on 11/04/12 5:25pm
Yea next Sunday is good but like i say. Could do with playing it at 3pm as I have to leave for work at 4ish on Sunday so with the advanced notice would this be possible? 3pm next Sunday?
#10 | uk wusKy | Posted on 11/04/12 5:31pm
Yea next Sunday is good but like i say. Could do with playing it at 3pm as I have to leave for work at 4ish on Sunday so with the advanced notice would this be possible? 3pm next Sunday?
#11 | en Exile | Posted on 12/04/12 7:36am
fuck up bakki.
#12 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 12/04/12 11:36am
sorry we cant that early.
Let me talk with my mates again and ill give u the date we can play on.
#13 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 13/04/12 5:16pm
What about saturday next week?
#14 | uk wusKy | Posted on 14/04/12 5:55am
Yea should be fine. Will sort a team... Most are out but I am sure I can get them on for one game. What times are best for you So can ask the lads?
#15 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 14/04/12 11:53am
8pm should be fine :)
#16 | en Exile | Posted on 16/04/12 8:55am
rofl this should be amusing
#17 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 16/04/12 7:43pm
Exile still no friends?
#18 | en Exile | Posted on 18/04/12 9:54am
nope. Too busy laughing at how bad your team is to make friends. Very Time consuming.
#19 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 20/04/12 6:58pm
Exile mate go get some Friends :)))).

WusKy we got a server to use.
#20 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 21/04/12 2:50pm
connect; password cw2 cu on.
#21 | en entail | Posted on 21/04/12 6:40pm
not using danish server, we have german.;password swar
#22 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 21/04/12 7:11pm
cu on
#23 | uk wusKy | Posted on 21/04/12 8:15pm
Goodgame so 16 - 11 FragMe!
#24 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 21/04/12 8:16pm
gg guys.

Can we have demos of friza and entail plz.
#25 | sx SteveoH | Posted on 21/04/12 8:16pm
Wait 30 mins, let one of them play without ac, give them a good game. They still go on about demos and stuff, Terrible sportsmanship. GG
#26 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:18pm
So i've come out of retirement from Counter-Strike 1.6 in 2007

Come Back

Win SGL, Get Accused of Cheating.

#27 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 21/04/12 8:19pm
u guys allowed him to play without AC, cuz hes crashing all the time.

but it was a goodgame. and we still want the demos
#28 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:20pm
you can have them any my autograph
#29 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:20pm
you can only have it if you avi my 1on3 as T and my pistol round as CT
#30 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 21/04/12 8:21pm
ok. just give me your demo and entails.
#32 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 21/04/12 8:22pm
And btw steveoh u have netgraph on?
#33 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:22pm
bare in mind we both used SGLAC and POV'd be happy to do so :}
#35 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:26pm
please AVI CT pistol round, and as T 1on3 please
#36 | sx SteveoH | Posted on 21/04/12 8:26pm
i am using the graphheight -15 command also so i can only see the fps and ms :) but safe, if you wanna be cunts ill just tell the admin you had 1 without ac :D
#37 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 21/04/12 8:30pm
i can prove u guys allowed him playing without AC with my demo cuz he is crashing all the time. so just do that.
#38 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 21/04/12 8:31pm
You allowed it...
#39 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:32pm
I can prove we won easily, you guys wern't running AC and are trying to default hunt asking for demos and saying were using netgraph.

Go home kid, you lost. I come out of retirement just to beat you AND IT FEELS GREAT.

Back to retirement, undefeated heavyweight champion of the world.
#40 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:33pm
#41 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 21/04/12 8:34pm
nah we actually just following the rules that says, no Net_graph.

#42 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:34pm
bakki, you lost... deal with it
#43 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 21/04/12 8:35pm
We are not trying, it's normal to ask for demo. You don't record demos for fun aren't you? You record them to upload if someone wants your demo.
#44 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:37pm
you are trying you lost plain and simple ur making a big fuss when realistically u lost... you lost when one of ur players wasn't using AC now u've requested 2demos, of our players which are clean and using SGLAC - then you say about net graphg when steveoh has netgraphheight -15 we had no advantage what so ever in this game

It's not normal to ask for demos, you only do it when you think people cheat - I record for my various Fan's out there and the millions watching at home
#45 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 21/04/12 8:41pm
screenshot prove u guys allowed him play wihtout AC.
#46 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:45pm
WE KNOW WE DID fucking hell how many times,

We allowed him to play without AC you spastic, YOU LOST. And your accusing us/default hunting you absolute cretin. Seriously your english and understanding of the situation is minimal.

We won... Is there anything more else to add? Accept the result and let me grace in my SGL Championship Winners victory.
#47 | en Exile | Posted on 21/04/12 8:45pm
default hunting now are we you shit cunt. hahahahahahahahahahahahah
#48 | en Exile | Posted on 21/04/12 8:45pm
BAKKI u lost to the better team. plus ur shit. take it on the chin and create a new team you fucking baby
#49 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 8:51pm
48minutes my lovely 1on3

52minutes my lovely pistol round

avi that and then accept the result bro'sefs
#50 | en Exile | Posted on 21/04/12 8:54pm
donty be silly friz. BAKKI would rather whine and moan constantly rather than accept the fact he is a dribbling low life spastic social degenerate fuck up.
#51 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 21/04/12 8:57pm
Well wusKy looked under the boxes on A site... and several times other players did too...
#52 | en entail | Posted on 21/04/12 9:05pm
gl proving that
#53 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 21/04/12 9:12pm
Well i got screenshots you want link?
#54 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 21/04/12 9:16pm

That is screenshots from your demo entail.
He can see under the box thats why he is spraying there and hit.
#55 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 9:20pm
his xhair isnt even looking under the box he was in pit spamming the bombsite
#56 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 9:21pm
p.s. you lost, deal with it.
#57 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 21/04/12 9:23pm
So what if his crosshair isn't looking under? He can still see something there isn't legal. And he can hit anyway through or under so it doesn't matter.
#58 | 00 Lux0 | Posted on 21/04/12 9:27pm
box floating not allowed so stop it :) Why would you delay your shots before spamming bomb site? cuz you were floating :) dude ive been thru this too and they threw me out of the cup back in 2009.
#59 | en entail | Posted on 21/04/12 9:36pm
yawn, your default hunting after what was i guess a good game, none of us have played since last week, were a mix, u lost get over it.
#60 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 9:40pm
how can you prove and how can we disprove he wasn't looking under the box, his xhair wasnt looking at it therefore he wasn't using it.

I don't understand in your little minds, you have lost the game you can either accept it or I will get the admins to force it, don't make me chase up people to force a result just cos you are really bad players and lost to people that don't play the game and a retired counter-strike source player, sucks2beu
#61 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 21/04/12 9:44pm
Well he could see under the boxes that the problem. Even if he used it or not he could see that is not allowed. It's like you got doped in a marathon but not force you self to run faster.

So the fact that he could see through is not allowed
#62 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 10:55pm
Refresh, he wasn't looking under the boxes, you cannot prove otherwise.

Regardless of this incident, we allowed one of your players to not use anticheat who could have easily been cheating. However we allowed you to play with one member without AC,

Regarding any previous statements we have complied with your requests out of fairness, even tho you are a shit team and are trying to default hunt like the awful gamers you are. I don't understand how you LOST badily and your a) trying to claim default by seeing if we are cheating / recorded demos, b) try and get someone done for using netgraph when the option was hidden to cause any problems, c) claim a player was using something which cannot be proved if he used it to his advantage or not with significent evidence as it could be (which it was) coinsidence.

The fact you ARE trying to default hunt, not accepting result means that because you are being the biggest pricks known to man, I will speak to the admins and hopefully get your team banned for life from the SGL just for the fact I can't be arsed to stay here and type shit as you have conducted yourself shamefully even with the fact we ALLOWED your players to not even use AC, you still are trying to claim a default win when you got absoutely destroyed by a team of players who firstly, do not play & arn't a proper team, I quit counter-strike years ago and absolutely destroyed you. (P.s. I hope you made some AVIs)

Lastly, I will be getting your team banned from the league as you are the worst team I have EVER delt with. So theres no point even carrying on this phetic conversation as you guys are total morons and cannot accept the fact you got fucking dominated.

Fucking Cya.
#63 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 10:58pm
oh not to mention you was 30minutes late and made no effort what so ever to fix your player's SGLAC problem which could have been sorted prior to the game,

Don't worry I am contacting admins already to get you kicked out of the league. Bye.
#64 | uk Friza | Posted on 21/04/12 11:13pm
Oh my God Refresh your 14years old, yeah i'm going to stop talking to you as I will get done for abusing a minor. Quite obvious you are a fucking kid, grow the fuck up. "Ismail Ali"
#65 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 21/04/12 11:56pm
Well a rematch could be okay for us because we had 2 stand-in's thats why because 2 players couldn't make it this day. And i really don't care with AC or not you allowed you can't whine over your own choices so, i more want a rematch than a default if you are ready on this to prove that you can beat us.
#66 | se -RaZeR | Posted on 21/04/12 11:56pm
Haha! this is to funny! Pls dont stop with the match comments. Made my day :D
#67 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 21/04/12 11:58pm
Who says i'm 14? i just wrote it for fun.
#68 | sx SteveoH | Posted on 22/04/12 12:32am
I'd happily rematch you, but we won the game and shouldnt have to rematch you. I was eating food while playing and zYnc got 6 kills the whole game.. and we still won? If we took it more serious than a muck around we would have beaten you a lot worse than we did. We got 9 rounds as T by running around and killing you at b. No tactics were called.
#69 | fo kozy | Posted on 22/04/12 1:11am
LOL, this is pure comedy!! :D

So I see BAKKI's team is whining again.Wwhat a surprise :O They do this constantly, they're such immature kids at this game and can't seem to handle the fact that there are (WAYYYY) better players than themselves out there.

For the love of god guys, try to keep just SOME of your dignity intact and put this result through. You guys are horrible and you will NEVER beat this team anyways. Your constant whining and bickering like 16 year old girls is getting quite tiresome tbfh.
#70 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 22/04/12 10:06am
SteveoH we had 2 random players in because our other players couldn't make it.
#71 | uk Friza | Posted on 22/04/12 11:14am
Refresh, I quit counter-strike in 2007, I play counter-strike: source, how does it feel to be dominated by a CSS player then ask for his demo as you think i'm cheating?

btw, result is getting forced - fingers crossed you'll get kicked out aswell :) Default hunting spastics.
#72 | en cptsui | Posted on 22/04/12 11:25am
You're seriously complaining about being able to see under the box at A? That's normal fucking practice mate, use the map to your advantage.
#73 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 22/04/12 11:50am
Let us see what the admins gonna say.
#74 | sx SteveoH | Posted on 22/04/12 11:53am
Its teams like you that destroy cs!
#75 | uk wusKy | Posted on 22/04/12 11:58am
Just face it. WE won... You go on.about having 2 stand ins... Well we have a source player and 3 of us play about 5hours tops a week of cs now.. we are a mix... We won fair and share. we gave good sportsmenship by letting u use one guy with no ac ANd also waiting over 30mins for you to even get on.the server... and then after game you start whining about these things... Well abit lame .. just face it you lost... A guy goes and plants ofcourse I am gonna spam the box.. sorry didn't.know your aloud.to spam boxes anymore... Shame on all the pros for doing it at LAN .... Also net graph thing with Steve he had -15 which only shows ms and fps which nothing wrong with that... Should say goodgame and leave it at that... STop crying... GOodgame lads....
#76 | fr Blqck | Posted on 22/04/12 12:17pm
#77 | en cptsui | Posted on 22/04/12 12:41pm
Well BAKKI, being a former admin I can safely say no match had a result changed from someone looking under the box.

The netgraph was never banned when I was an admin though, but given the fact they let one of yours play without AC, then what the fuck is your problem, you're pathetic.
#78 | nl jord. | Posted on 22/04/12 1:32pm
bakki, just go make another team to lose one game and make ANOTHER team again. Pathetic little cretin.
#79 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 22/04/12 1:49pm
only 1 from us werent on AC cuz he always crashing when he have it on. Wusky and his mates allowed him to play with out AC, as u can see here.


#80 | fr Blqck | Posted on 22/04/12 2:04pm
sorry bakki, i don't understand what youre saying, could you explain me again please ?
#81 | uk wusKy | Posted on 22/04/12 2:04pm
Yea we never said anything about your player. We put result down and said goodgame... THAt was it. We waived 30mins for you guess we couldn't be arsed waiting anymore so we let him play without ac... We ain't got no issue about anything its you guess that are tryin.to find something and try get a default.. when we clearly won fair and square... So stop the moaning now... Goodgame see you next session... So 16 - 11 fragme
#82 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 22/04/12 2:10pm
let us see what the admins decision is.
#83 | | Posted on 22/04/12 2:28pm

plz visit http://rcon1on1master.weebly.com/
#84 | | Posted on 22/04/12 2:34pm
Steveoh shut up u ugly scottish cunt no one wants to hear your bullshit. ugly scottish virg u and 101 still buming each other u shit cunts ? been playing this game 4 years and ur still d0g. uninstall u shit scottish cunt with ur ugly annoying voice all scottish people should kill them selves. im off cuz im just that good cya nigga
#85 | fo kozy | Posted on 22/04/12 2:43pm
Just ban BAKKI from this site, so we don't have to read more of his dribble and excuses...
#86 | uk Anderw0wnus | Posted on 22/04/12 2:53pm
nah dont if what his saying is true, ''that the guy was not on ac'' then should be a default.
#87 | en entail | Posted on 22/04/12 3:53pm
Ander, that was their guy :X we had already waited 30mins so basically went fuck it play without it we cant be arsed waiting for 1 game
#88 | en entail | Posted on 22/04/12 3:54pm
oh and seems the one who was added last night (without telling us) was the one without ac, but oh well im dont care xD
#89 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 22/04/12 4:08pm
It's sad that our real players couldn't make it so we had to take to stand-in's (random low guys) and 1 of them was the guy there couldn't play on AC. It's sad.
#90 | uk Anderw0wnus | Posted on 22/04/12 4:13pm
whos this guy going mad post 83 and 84 ? his raging
#91 | uk saM ;) | Posted on 22/04/12 4:28pm
Well that's obviously Rcon hense the link, as for BAKKI - Dude you lost, your player wasn't on ac, you have NO GROUNDS IN WHICH TO DEFEND YOURSELF. Stop complaining and accept the loss. Friza has been playing longer than you've wished you were f0rest. ¬_¬
#92 | se The Internet | Posted on 22/04/12 5:15pm
would read again
#93 | dk fLaxxx | Posted on 22/04/12 6:47pm
+1 on #84 :devil:
#94 | ua raz_ | Posted on 22/04/12 8:37pm
#95 | en Exile | Posted on 23/04/12 7:53am
Ban bakki for being a waste of oxygen.
#96 | en Exile | Posted on 23/04/12 7:59am
oh and good luck if you are ever planning on coming to a uk lan. You are officially the most hated clan on this website. At least you can win that much.
#97 | en Exile | Posted on 23/04/12 8:02am
"i more want a rematch than a default if you are ready on this to prove that you can beat us."

they already have you shit cunt.
#98 | dk fLaxxx | Posted on 23/04/12 2:07pm
Exile why so much hate on bakki. :devil: umad
#99 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 23/04/12 3:01pm
Exile like i said before we had 2 randoms (low) with us thats the reason I want a rematch because i know it was not fair because we had a guy without AC but we haven't problems before with AC when we had our full lineup.
#100 | uk cookeh | Posted on 23/04/12 5:21pm
LOLOLOLOL this FragMe team are obviously morons
#101 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 23/04/12 5:44pm
Congratz cookeh u are nr 100 to comment.

#102 | en Exile | Posted on 23/04/12 8:05pm
give a shit refresh. The fact of the matter is. Even if you had your core 5. This lot would beat you everytime. With players like BAKKI in your team you can't hope to amount to anything. He hasn't got the brain power to amount to anything in life let alone being able to point and click his mouse.
#103 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 24/04/12 10:40am
says the one that is always on thesgl trolling ppl, cuz he dont have anything to do.

Umad exile? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))
#104 | en Exile | Posted on 24/04/12 3:42pm
Mad at how unbelievably idiotic you are? yes.
Mad at how you are trying to default hunt? No. It was expected.
Mad that your dad didnt push your mum down the stairs when she was pregnant? yes.

#105 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 24/04/12 6:24pm
Exile u madbro? didnt even read ur story.

So umad?
#106 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 24/04/12 6:43pm
Okay guys, i know that we have been a bit unfair but, i really want a rematch because i weren't full lineup but i only write this to "team soooo" if they are ready on a rematch. You guys have a lot of time to play together, we had too but suddenly 2 of our players couldn't make it thats why there were AC problems.

I hope you would take a rematch.
#107 | en entail | Posted on 24/04/12 6:56pm
what u on about? were a mix... and no i doubt we can rematch, and we shouldnt need to.
#108 | fo kozy | Posted on 24/04/12 7:00pm
The weird thing is Refresh, YOU DON'T DESERVE A REMATCH. Why the fuck do you keep going on about it? There are plenty of other teams in SGL that have lost games, should they all get a rematch? Doesn't that take the entire fucking point of this league away, if no team is able to win and move on? Or are you too fucking thick to get it through your skull. The fact that your members didn't play the game is YOUR FAULT, not the other teams. SUCK IT UP ALREADY YOU FUCKING LOSERS.
#109 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 24/04/12 7:20pm
Seriously why do you all saying some bad words... i don't understand
#110 | uk wusKy | Posted on 24/04/12 8:05pm
To be fair. We are just a mix now. We ain't a team. SO its down.to the admins what happens. IF we have.to rematch we would but that I am aware of sgl is over now this session.... So I don't know what is happening... Also either way we are both gettin moved up as first 2 go up. So next session regardless we will meet again. I ain't been a Dick mate you go on about a proper line up but if our proper team actually still played instead of just a mix team and whoever is on.. I wouldn't see you even gettin the rounds you got this time.. I might be wrong I don't.know but It's all up to admins and either way next session we will meet again... GOodgame... Everyone.stop the hate and move on... Show some love xxx
#111 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 24/04/12 9:45pm
agree with wusky, lets get a rematch and finish this case.
#112 | uk wusKy | Posted on 25/04/12 9:13am
Haha I ain't agreed to a rematch cos we won and shouldn't have to play again.... I am sayin its up to the admins but if we had to we would... SO... It's all down to admins.. if you think you.can beat us tho let's have a pcw on ac Haha and see how you do with your main team... THis game just played tho is down to admins .. that I am aware of. The result is gettin accepted and this game is not gettin replayed ..
#113 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 25/04/12 12:07pm
Instead of a PCW let's play this cup instead to make it more interesting?
#114 | uk wusKy | Posted on 25/04/12 12:53pm
Why would we replay this game tho in this tourney. when there was no issues... I ain't 100% but that I am aware of the result is gettin accepting. But we will come against each other again next session <cup> x
#115 | nl jord. | Posted on 25/04/12 5:51pm
Still don't get why u shit cunts are moaning, you lost, you will lose every time, have you not been in teams with bakki before? he tries to default nearly every game, and if he doesn't get the default, he makes a new team.
Now you've learned this, you may aswell leave.
#116 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 25/04/12 10:04pm
Lool says jord, getting kicked out of fugitve for being unskilled ROFLMAO!
#117 | uk cookeh | Posted on 26/04/12 11:18am
BAKKI accept the result this match isn't going to get replayed as the season is over now!!
#118 | en Exile | Posted on 26/04/12 8:26pm
bakki. you will accept this loss. you will then leave and make a new team. you will lose again. so on and so on
#119 | fm zYnc | Posted on 28/04/12 9:06am
@hh kids, i can't believe i missed all this!

fuck you all.

and i got 7 frags atleast stevoh, not 6 :(.

I was eating, getting ready to go out, and getting a blow job from bakkis mom whilst we played that game
#120 | bb RUBs | Posted on 28/04/12 12:25pm
HAHA who is this BAKKI kid? i missed all of this but im pretty sure if we had our normal 5 you would'nt get 11 rounds. I cant believe the fuss over the lowest league in a dead league.. You dont get a rematch becuase you lost a game. You dont deserve to be able to play good people if this is how you act. fucking remtards..
#121 | dk fLaxxx | Posted on 28/04/12 3:37pm
"im pretty sure if we had our normal 5 you would'nt get 11 rounds." cool story bro :devil:
#122 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 29/04/12 1:43pm
so lets get a rematch u noobs, talking like a boss and playing like Exile. zYnc why the fuck do u even talk mate? u shiit so shiiit.

If u guys just followed the rules this case wouldent been up.
#123 | uk wusKy | Posted on 29/04/12 3:12pm
Hang on a min.. play by the rules what net graph. Which Steve had on was -15 so only shows fps and ms.. nothing wrong with that. AND you crying about me spamming the bomb box come on learn how to play inferno please... How can you.call us noobs when end of the day you lost to a group of people who don't even play as a team anymore and haven't for a good 2months. And players who don't even play 1.6 anymore such as friza.... SO jog on son. The result is set in stone... None of us are going to waste our time replaying you cos we won. Don't come here and try talkin the talk cos your nothing but a dribbling mess... It shows it cos you drew to sterling before they got removed and you then got a default... I mean serious how can you draw to them if your some sick team who think you have a chance of beating us... Walk on got no time for you lads anymore cos this is pathetic xxxxxxxxx :x
#124 | uk Friza | Posted on 29/04/12 10:30pm
no bakki, why rematch - we absolutely dicked you and you thought i was cheating.

CSS player owned you 15yr old noobs. Banged
#125 | uk Friza | Posted on 29/04/12 10:32pm
p.s. Bakki, I am better than you... Fact
#126 | en Exile | Posted on 30/04/12 8:53am
#127 | en Exile | Posted on 30/04/12 8:56am
oh and yes bakki im shit. Yet you have NEVER beaten me. Bad player and bad sportmanship!
#128 | dk Refrezh | Posted on 30/04/12 10:54am
Friza we don't think you cheat we just wanted to see who look under the boxes (no allowed) and then we found out we just took randoms because we not knew who did it so now you don't fell so happy?
#129 | fm zYnc | Posted on 30/04/12 12:24pm
bakki calling me shit? im off
#130 | uk cookeh | Posted on 01/05/12 12:04am
this must be some sort of joke???? rematch for looking under a box LOL... how can you even tell he was actually looking under that box??? everyone stands in minipit on inferno and spams bomb box. Biggest joke I've ever heard. This Refrsh and BAKKI bloke both need to get a their faces smashing in.

FYI Bakki and refresh.. if you just accepted the result, practiced and learnt form your mistakes then you wouldn't be so shit at the game.. however because you refuse to accept defeat by people who are better than you. You will never improve!!

Toby/Blizz/Uzi Please force them to accept this result otherwise the world will come to and end.
#131 | en Exile | Posted on 01/05/12 11:01am
and ban BAKKI for causing all of this. I don't blame refresh. I think it was just an overspill of stupidity from BAKKI. He was under the incluence of BAKKI. Ban bakki before this happens to other unsuspecting players.
#132 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 01/05/12 3:37pm
Exile umadbro?
#133 | ukie SHEIN | Posted on 01/05/12 4:32pm
LMAO, you lot gotta be kidding me..
#134 | uk Friza | Posted on 01/05/12 4:33pm
Bakki your mad, look at the result. You absolutely got destroyed might I add.

#135 | dk fLaxxx | Posted on 01/05/12 9:55pm
#131 Exile I totally agree with u. :D :E
#136 | en Exile | Posted on 02/05/12 10:27am
why would i be mad? its been confirmed. you lost. are Umadbro?
#137 | dk BAKKI | Posted on 02/05/12 6:02pm
Exile umadbro?
#138 | bb RUBs | Posted on 05/05/12 3:24pm
arrr you guys lost...
#139 | ie eLysium | Posted on 07/07/12 1:37pm
lol delighted for you BAKKI you shit cunt
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