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07/10/15 11:30am
haha I know :) i was having a funny 5mins with the damn thing.
07/10/15 10:38am
i wish WE had £1 for every time you clicked it. fo'sho
07/10/15 10:03am
Any chance you can get rid of that really anoying war thunder advert, if i had a £ for everytime i accidentally clicked it....
06/10/15 6:58pm
http://www.thesgl.com/csgo/forums/topic/542456/ more comments on Map Pool please :)
06/10/15 6:57pm
Nope next week still sorting rules, configs, servers etc
06/10/15 6:31pm
Is there a cup tonight blizzy
06/10/15 5:46pm
feels like 2011 again
06/10/15 4:57pm
^^- hey
06/10/15 2:55pm
I wish this shoutbox had a like feature because id like that comment eCriS

DO'H - Wrong Section

Sun 30th Oct 2011 5:59pm

SGLP: 100
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Posted in wrong section by Accident. Appologies.
Edited by k4tamai on 30/10/11 6:05pm
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