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07/10/15 5:25pm
probably best to get hold of both, toms pretty easy to get hold of on steam. you can find him on my friends list
07/10/15 5:25pm
vertiGo runs the CS:GO UK group, Blanks owns UKCSGO.com but they are separate mate
07/10/15 5:24pm
You had many teams sign up for the Ladder yet Blizzard?
07/10/15 5:05pm
I need to chat to your mate at UKCSGO aswell I have him on my steam account I will get round to it. I've rewrote the CSGO rules just configs to do :)
07/10/15 5:04pm
cheers dek
07/10/15 4:50pm
Online Users : 9 View it's been a while <3
07/10/15 4:49pm
word is getting about, i'll add thesgl.com to my steam profile. i've posted every other day in the facebook groups too
07/10/15 4:44pm
I hope everyone whos posting on here can pass the word around as soon as I post the first competition tomorrow or we going to have no teams :)
07/10/15 4:43pm
Javax i almost forgot this nickname!

Alive Again up for lan/ladder/leauge

Wed 9th Nov 2011 11:28am
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Hello guys some of you may remember me some of u may not, used to be a shit hot player won many lans and leauges. Some of u may also remember me ending my ways in a shit way aswell agasint choke in the sgl invite aswell, there was a fourm about this, alot of you didnt understand because i was shit hot at lan, the reason behind this is because i moved house and had no room for a desk so i had keyboard on my lap so i fort fuck it end of line for me so wh on.

Kind of regret this now cos 3/4 years on got new pc and new place and im settled down want to get back into gaming as ill always love 1.6.

Rage all u want or give me a chance.

Everygame ill use anticheat/record/woteva

Im up for any leauge/ladder

aslo up for the strong lan if any teams need

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