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03/09/15 1:27pm
People don't check here anymore, why would you check something if you're fairly certain it's dead? Don't use the lack of traffic on here let you think people don't want this site back!
03/09/15 1:23pm
I'm keen to help guys. If the tournaments area of the site was made active again, wouldn't take much to get the word around and people will come flooding back! ;)
02/09/15 10:36pm
01/09/15 2:50pm
Came back for a look as I often do and it looks sort of active. Anyone still playing mixes and stuff add me (evanewg) on steam if you like
30/08/15 10:04pm
I did message Blizzard but he just blanked me for some reason.
30/08/15 3:41pm
sup, fuckers?
29/08/15 10:13am
28/08/15 5:16pm
and there is lots of keen new people in the scene that would be willing to help. I would still help too!

Returning to CSS.

Tue 27th Dec 2011 5:38pm
SGLP: 100
Posts: 93 (0.04 a day)
Reputation: 9 You have already voted on this user
Hi guys,

I'm looking to return to CSS considering I no longer work Night Shifts, therefore I have time on my hands :).

About me:

Played since 2007
Attended 3 i series - meeting seeds.
Mature - when needed.
Can listen.
Knows some strats on most maps.
Willing to learn.
Willing to level up.
Active most weekdays and weekends.
Game sense.
Can rifle/awp, though prefer AWP.

From:Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Previous teams/Lans:

i36 [invictus]

i37 [ARM3D.Enigma]
pliskin^, Velocity, Hammy, MOE,Gregory

i38 17th-24th [Velocity Gaming]
pliskin^, SHEEKY!, niceguy, medic, naapjusun

1st - THE Gaming Cup - [Velocity Gaming]
1st - Inferno Cup - [Living Fire Stimulus.]
1st - Contra Cup - [Living Fire Stimulus.]


- Haven't played source seriously in about 14 months so looking for an established team or community to pick me up.

(All I need to pick up on mostly now would be the new update...)




SteamID : 12ape

Edited by pliskin^ on 27/12/11 5:53pm
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