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17/12/14 1:06pm
hey there
15/12/14 7:12pm
hello guys, long time. Hope all are well - KdN
12/12/14 5:14pm
anyone on Dota?
07/12/14 5:58pm
Hey hey SGL =] <3 - Miss you all :D, just thought i'd pop in and say hai
06/12/14 1:46pm
Still some names i remember knockin' about i see, whats the game to play these days?
01/12/14 5:10pm
i miss you all. happy birthday tubbeh x
01/12/14 10:57am
*hyun-ae is a cutie
27/11/14 12:31am
shut up dekky before I stretch your eyes more
23/11/14 6:26pm
ite boyz

Returning to CSS.

Tue 27th Dec 2011 5:38pm
SGLP: 100
Posts: 93 (0.05 a day)
Reputation: 9 You have already voted on this user
Hi guys,

I'm looking to return to CSS considering I no longer work Night Shifts, therefore I have time on my hands :).

About me:

Played since 2007
Attended 3 i series - meeting seeds.
Mature - when needed.
Can listen.
Knows some strats on most maps.
Willing to learn.
Willing to level up.
Active most weekdays and weekends.
Game sense.
Can rifle/awp, though prefer AWP.

From:Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Previous teams/Lans:

i36 [invictus]

i37 [ARM3D.Enigma]
pliskin^, Velocity, Hammy, MOE,Gregory

i38 17th-24th [Velocity Gaming]
pliskin^, SHEEKY!, niceguy, medic, naapjusun

1st - THE Gaming Cup - [Velocity Gaming]
1st - Inferno Cup - [Living Fire Stimulus.]
1st - Contra Cup - [Living Fire Stimulus.]


- Haven't played source seriously in about 14 months so looking for an established team or community to pick me up.

(All I need to pick up on mostly now would be the new update...)




SteamID : 12ape

Edited by pliskin^ on 27/12/11 5:53pm
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