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23/05/16 12:39am
+2 for match making, first come first serve, pm for ts/steam
14/05/16 12:17pm
I'm after a team! esl/esea lets go
13/05/16 9:24pm
sup ste
11/05/16 1:00pm
bigger noob.
10/05/16 5:22pm
02/05/16 1:05pm
I wish theSGL reborns :(
28/04/16 11:46pm
In the bin xD
26/04/16 9:15pm
Wheres my prize from winning the steelseries challenge ffs...
18/04/16 12:16pm
did someone say UK CS news?

AVG and theSGL Anti-Cheat

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Fri 10th Oct 2008 6:34pm

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Just though't i'd make a topic and sticky it.

If your AVG picks up SGL Anti Cheat as a bad programme

Please read: http://www.thesgl.com/sglacav/

Edited by plesh on 28/12/10 10:50am

In a perfect there would only be one version of CS - which would yours be?

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