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10/10/15 11:30am
can u not put something out on HLTV ?
10/10/15 10:27am
Only 6 teams signed up for the cup so far if you know of any other teams who would like to play let them know cheers be good to get it to 8 at least
09/10/15 11:33pm
Yas this layout <3
09/10/15 10:52pm
09/10/15 10:36pm
cup final being streamed lads show support http://www.twitch.tv/weefreemen
09/10/15 10:11pm
Graphics card nVidia 8800 GT rofl the days
09/10/15 9:56pm
09/10/15 9:51pm
09/10/15 9:45pm
yes bh0ys oldskool sgl layout about time

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Mon 18th May 2009 2:49pm

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If you follow the guidelines below when posting an error I can deal with them a lot quicker.

Firstly read the known issues thread here: http://www.thesgl.com/forums/topic/11334/

If your issue isnt on the list then feel free to start a new topic with your problem. Your post needs the following otherwise I wont go out of my way to look at the issue.

- Your system specs (cpu/gfx card/ram)

- Your full operating system name/version as well as any service packs installed (if you're on a 64bit OS dont forget to mention this too)

- A detailed and accurate description of the problem. "I pressed some button and some error popped up" is NOT good enough. Describe what you did leading up to the error. Describe all error messages exactly as you read them. If possible get a screenshot.

Edited by Jimbo on 18/05/09 2:50pm

In a perfect there would only be one version of CS - which would yours be?

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