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09/02/16 6:09pm
btw guys. we basically made our own weekly league. every weekend. jgl-uk.com - you can find us in the CSGO UK group on facebook :)
02/02/16 4:28pm
02/02/16 1:42pm
i have just added you mate
02/02/16 1:10pm
Legend, there's so many UK teams out there. People host tournaments, but leagues are more ideal as they can be arranged for whenever suits both teams. I'll add you on Steam friends later, willing to help and chip in if needs be.
02/02/16 6:25am
I may have a solutionto clans looking to comp league. If it isnt happening here it will some other place :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Airies69ER
01/02/16 5:23pm
can i help?
01/02/16 4:15pm
Willing to help out, and have others back in the day that would too. Airies/tubbeh PM me profile and let's start talking?
01/02/16 2:55pm
Airies, I'm willing looking to help and also part of a team who would love to take part. PM me your Steam page and I'll add you as a friend!
31/01/16 5:42am
I am looking to revive a csgo league of upto 20 clans. I used this site many years ago before it died. I know I can revive this with the help of a few. Such a shame to see it die. Can anybody help? sgl@69er-clan.co.uk Thanks

Server dropping out when SGLAC used.

Fri 16th Jul 2010 8:21am
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Basciialy when i load SGLAC when cs is loaded i "lagged" out of any server instantly. and When i load SGLAC and then try and connect to a CS server is will never connect to any server. I use AVG ive done the resident shield stuff etc allowing sglac, ive reinstalled sglac, im at a loss now really not sure whats going on. My firewall is allowing the apllication too. Any thoughts please do tell thanks :)
Fri 16th Jul 2010 8:57am
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Turn your sglac hack off :P I've never had any issue personnaly, but then i have a good pc with the most stable OS, windows XP. Vista & 7 get so many patches to fix how shit it is, i'm sure this causes an issue somewhere for people! No doubt you will have some people who patch the OS with updates, but those on cracked versions probably don't. Please post if you have a non legit copy of windows, My boss at Microsoft will be most pleased!
Fri 16th Jul 2010 10:51am

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Shotty we all know what it is. :E
Sat 17th Jul 2010 7:28pm
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hehe, nah i have proper copies etc, always updating no issues there. the final test would be uninstalling AVG to try that
Sat 17th Jul 2010 8:23pm

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get rid of avg
get avira
Tue 20th Jul 2010 7:50am
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was my sygate firewall even tho it was allowed! oh well fixed now

thanks all
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