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27/06/16 1:25am
+1 overwatch is great
21/06/16 12:41am
For those who play MM, check out https://csgostats.gg. It's a competitive stats site, with leaderboards for ranks etc etc. bla bla. I'm not good at advertising, but my site is good. ty ty.
16/06/16 4:37am
Who wants to join my sick clan?
15/06/16 7:44pm
overwatch league pls
14/06/16 12:31am
23/05/16 12:39am
+2 for match making, first come first serve, pm for ts/steam
14/05/16 12:17pm
I'm after a team! esl/esea lets go
13/05/16 9:24pm
sup ste
11/05/16 1:00pm
bigger noob.

coonnecting problem

Sun 28th Nov 2010 1:05am
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hi i turned off my pc during the game and i cant connect to it so what can ido
Sun 28th Nov 2010 2:24am

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Sun 28th Nov 2010 3:07am
SGLP: 100
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s1carius said...


turn your pc back on. problem sorted :D
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