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08/10/15 5:03pm
.xtR you can add /leave to the address when your on your control panel
08/10/15 4:30pm
we will try and fix it in chrome but for now if you can use firefox or edge cheers
08/10/15 4:29pm
it works in firefox and edge just not in chrome
08/10/15 4:27pm
has the 'leave team' button been fixed yet ?
08/10/15 3:44pm
mine too, some old shit here, Core2Quad Q6600..
08/10/15 8:37am
Just updating my profile to see that I still have a Microsoft Intelli 3 USB as my mouse haha....damn that was a long time ago.
08/10/15 7:29am
Morning everyone. I think our team is pretty much ready to enter the leagues now.
07/10/15 5:25pm
probably best to get hold of both, toms pretty easy to get hold of on steam. you can find him on my friends list
07/10/15 5:25pm
vertiGo runs the CS:GO UK group, Blanks owns UKCSGO.com but they are separate mate

SGL FC Official Thread

Wed 15th Jun 2011 1:13am

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gagging for some clubz!
Tue 21st Jun 2011 10:58pm

SGLP: 121
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seckz's incredible double post-smash in the final of the cup, still went on to claim our 5th cup though... topLADz
Tue 21st Jun 2011 11:03pm
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Never lost it..
Tue 21st Jun 2011 11:36pm
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Magnificent cross by young Ricky Butt aka Ricky [pick a random fucking surname every game]
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