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06/10/15 2:55pm
I wish this shoutbox had a like feature because id like that comment eCriS
06/10/15 2:53pm
look at all the oldies crawling back to the lime light
06/10/15 2:35pm
How do i change my username? Not logged in for 8 years
06/10/15 2:34pm
thx dek
06/10/15 2:26pm
for now to leave a team, click control panel, team management then add /leave/ to the end of the url :)
06/10/15 2:22pm
Can't leave team!
06/10/15 2:20pm
Its impossible to leave a team!!!
06/10/15 2:17pm
Can an admin contact me please as I need to be moved from 2s2p and put into Oldboyz team...however the leave team feature is fubar.
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