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20/07/16 7:43pm
i renewed the fantasy football league 43207-55062
12/07/16 10:58am
Anyone play heroes of the storm?
27/06/16 1:25am
+1 overwatch is great
21/06/16 12:41am
For those who play MM, check out https://csgostats.gg. It's a competitive stats site, with leaderboards for ranks etc etc. bla bla. I'm not good at advertising, but my site is good. ty ty.
16/06/16 4:37am
Who wants to join my sick clan?
15/06/16 7:44pm
overwatch league pls
14/06/16 12:31am
23/05/16 12:39am
+2 for match making, first come first serve, pm for ts/steam
14/05/16 12:17pm
I'm after a team! esl/esea lets go
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A comprehensive log of thc^'s activities on the site.
28/05/11 1:10am Username changed from "Fail Son" to "thc^"
27/05/11 5:24pm Username changed from "Number 1 Fail Son <thc>" to "Fail Son"
27/05/11 5:23pm Username changed from "thc <Number 1 Fail Son>" to "Number 1 Fail Son <thc>"
27/05/11 5:20pm Username changed from "thc^" to "thc <Number 1 Fail Son>"
04/09/09 8:23pm Username changed from "Fancy Cut!" to "thc^"
03/09/09 11:44am Username changed from "thc^" to "Wano"
03/09/09 11:34am Left 4 Dead Steam ID changed from "0:1:90235" to "".
07/08/09 6:10pm Username changed from "Tetrahydro" to "thc^"
01/08/09 6:33pm Username changed from "Tosh" to "Tetrahydro"
31/07/09 1:13pm Username changed from "thc^" to "Tosh"
01/06/09 10:02pm thc^ left Shinobi-Gaming CS
19/03/09 12:58pm thc^ joined Shinobi-Gaming CS:S
09/02/09 2:28pm Counter-Strike Steam ID changed from "" to "0:1:90235".
09/02/09 1:28pm thc^ left A Few Good Men
19/12/08 11:55am Counter Strike International Steam ID changed from "0:1:90235" to "".
05/10/08 9:07pm thc^ joined A Few Good Men
28/04/08 11:51pm thc^ left The Nutty Turds
27/02/08 8:16pm Counter-Strike Steam ID changed from "0:1:90235 " to "0:1:90235".
27/02/08 3:46pm thc^ left WiCkED Clan
21/02/08 4:46pm thc^ left Team-Rocket!
09/02/08 6:33pm Username changed from "t]-[c" to "thc^"
07/02/08 3:13pm t]-[c joined WiCkED Clan
03/02/08 11:04pm Username changed from "Knobrot" to "t]-[c"
01/02/08 11:58pm Username changed from "t]-[c" to "Knobrot"
01/02/08 11:53pm t]-[c joined Team-Rocket!
01/02/08 11:52pm t]-[c left #Inf3cted!
26/10/07 9:32pm User was removed from Deus Ex Gaming by DannyG.
03/10/07 3:45pm Counter-Strike: Source Steam ID changed from "" to "0:1:90235".
03/10/07 3:44pm t]-[c joined Deus Ex Gaming

In a perfect there would only be one version of CS - which would yours be?

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