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13/10/15 8:13am
Morning ALL :)
13/10/15 7:01am
we need a sub for a week if anyone fancy's it. add me on steam.
12/10/15 9:53pm
sorry mate. dog had the vets at 5ish got pushed to 7 and it completely slipped my mind. tomorrow?
12/10/15 6:06pm
Dek, you still up for tonight?
12/10/15 5:53pm
Andeh didnt we go to SGL summerslam together? Same Andy? << MaKas
12/10/15 4:57pm
ill give CSGO a crack if anyone needs a sub/player, i dont play CS that often though so dont expect great things... drop me a pm
12/10/15 2:49pm
yeah can do Joey, ill post a msg on here about 7pm
12/10/15 2:49pm
If we got 16 teams the first map would be played but with 8 just moves to round two map :)
12/10/15 2:46pm
Anyone wanna scrim tonight? (we don't have our own server). PM me
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