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07/10/15 4:07pm
hahahaha Yes Ian! added to the team!
07/10/15 4:06pm
Now then
07/10/15 3:40pm
any one from cLip still use this?
07/10/15 3:38pm
Post on the forums is your best bet
07/10/15 3:36pm
Bliz, is there a way of setting up a post for players, as I fancy starting a team!?
07/10/15 3:28pm
There's still bits to do such as tournaments etc will be for a while. If you don't want to click the Ad just don't click it.
07/10/15 3:27pm
wow I haven't posted on here for nearly 9 years!!!
07/10/15 3:27pm
Great thanks dude!
07/10/15 3:26pm
Control panal, account settings.
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